Month: October 2020

Keep LiteracyCNY Going!

Regrettably, the decision to suspend operations made by the LiteracyCNY Board of Directors last Tuesday is moving forward. Our classroom instruction program is ending this Friday, October 30 and all staff will be laid off before November 30. This decision has been necessitated by: 1. the COVID-19 epidemic; and 2. the Executive Order issued by Governor Cuomo in August suspending contract payments to nonprofits, including LiteracyCNY.
There is some movement on the part of Literacy Volunteers Founder Ruth Colvin and other interested individuals to explore restructuring LiteracyCNY as an all-volunteer tutoring program in the future – and any donations that come in now that are not needed for expenses in connection with suspension of operations will be retained for future use by the organization for that purpose. If you are interested in assisting with this planning effort, please contact Mrs. Colvin directly at
Donations made now will be used to defray the expenses of winding down our operations and instructional programs or as described above in the future.
On behalf of the thousands of adult literacy students and English Language Learners who have transformed their lives with your support, please accept our sincere thanks.

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